The Property Brothers and Cancer

Ok you might ask your self what do the Property Brothers, cancer and Sarah have to do with each other?  Or is this just a ruse to get you to read my blog by using a picture of these two popular TV people.

No it is not a ruse.  I had planned in the story telling part of my blog to go in order of occurrence.  I like organization and going in order.  Sometimes it is just not to be, especially when an opportunity presents itself for fun.

A few weeks ago my friend said The Property Brothers were coming to Virginia for a grand reopening of an expanded furniture store did I want to go. Of course who doesn’t love these guys!


So we went and braved 30 mph winds.  It was cold but we had a good time.

Now for the cancer part.  As mentioned in 2014 I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

As part of the treatment I did chemotherapy which is SOP for this kind of cancer. My regimen required me to have infusions of several kinds of drugs. I will go into those later.

Every other week depending on my white blood cell count I had my infusions.  For the first part I went to the Cancer Center and had it there.  I then went home and from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon I was hooked up to a pump.

So  for 48 hours I had the pump going (it was portable). So I was house bound while I received the infusion.

This is where The Property Brothers come into the picture of my cancer and my treatment.

They were my constant companions as I hung out at home getting my treatment, or on the days I didn’t feel so well.  I watched every rerun and new show to the point I knew dialogue.

Yes I watched other things but it is them I remember most as I lay on the couch with my cat, Karma.

It was a good memory and thank you Property Brothers!



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